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Release, Restore, Revitalize




Chanda Rollins

Licensed Massage Therapist & Usui Reiki Practitioner

Chanda has been a licensed massage therapist for over 5 years and a practicing energy worker for the past 4 years. The massage styles she works with are a blend of Swedish, deep tissue techniques, therapeutic massage and energy work; creating space in the body and guiding the recipient toward deeper holistic balance and wellbeing.

Chanda believes that by unraveling the tension in the body, clients can move toward alignment & balance on the levels of not only body, but of the mind & spirit.





"Chanda exudes an energy of peace and wisdom. Her hands work with a smoothness that is enhanced by her communication and intuition. Absolutely a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, with trust that we could talk or be in silence with equal comfort added to the benefits. It's rare for me to feel so at ease with a bodyworker or any professional healing practitioner, and I would recommend her massage  to anybody: especially folks who are tuned into and seeking harmony of the energetics beyond the body."




I've been in need of bodywork for some time and have had patience in working through the various challenges of connecting with one on one service providers like Chanda. Chanda's communication with me has been wonderful, especially when meeting face to face for the first time. Chanda took the time to connect and discuss my current situation and assess my state of body, mind and spirit. I was made to feel very comfortable, welcome and heard.


I made the healthy decision to put my full trust in Chanda's flow and through their healing touch I experienced an unexpected emotional release. While I was not fully prepared for that bodily response, Chanda was, and through their experience and compassion reminded me that it's pretty common to have those kinds of releases during a session.


I seek bodywork not just for relaxation, but also for it's therapeutic benefits and with Chanda I was pleased to have experienced both. The fact that Chanda is a true conduit of healing energy, beauty, and light is a giant bonus! 


Do not hesitate to do what it takes to get on Chanda's table. Every effort it takes will surely be rewarded. 


"I started working with Chanda on a regular basis a few years ago, and during this time I have found that Chanda has a masterful gift. She is blessed at facilitating healing in deep and profound ways through massage. Chanda carries in her a genuine respect, laced with extreme sensitivity to the vulnerability one experiences during a massage. For me, Chanda’s massage technique is transcendental. Her massage space cradles me in emotional and physical comfort, and I am always transported beyond the physical pain that brought me to her into a place of complete healing. Her kindness, warmth, deep sensitivity, and a heart filled with love keep me a regular client filled with appreciation and gratitude for her magical ways.  Chanda, you are the best!!" 



(734)-624-1693    |

2020 Hogback Rd, Ann Arbor MI 48103, Suite #11

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