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Chanda believes that healing is a journey that is not linear; it is a lotus flower that is infinitely unfurling and is a process that we must continuously tend to. 


Her desire to be a space holder for healing work was a tender seed that has existed within her since she was a child. 

She had been in spaces where she was left dumbfounded by the capacity that massage and energy work have to shift so much within a person's spiritual, mental & physical body, and so she began a journey of her own to study these ancient and powerful modalities.


In 2017, she graduated  from Aveda 

Institute; since then, she has expanded her skillset and passion by studying Reiki levels 1, 2, 3, and master training under Mara Evans in 2018. 


Chanda's intention behind the work she does is to provide a nonjudgemental and inclusive space, where all people may come and have a place to release what does not serve and create more space for what does.


The Approach

The styles of bodywork that are offered are Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic massage that can modified to meet each specific client's needs.

The intention behind using these modalities is to create the most space in the physical body, and the energetic body, bringing more awareness to the clients mind-body connection; leaving them feeling relaxed, settled, invigorated & more in alignment with their authentic selves. 

Image by Sean Stratton
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